Our Products

Calibrated cylindrical timber is processed to round specific equipment to provide the same quality and size all over him.
After processing the resulting product is one of high quality
Its use is very varied:
Poles, stakes TF, cabins, gazebos, swings, dog kennel, play areas, landscaping, fences etc.
Garden balls or poles that can be calibrated cylindrical timber made from wood or bark natural form used in greenhouses for vegetables and flowers.
We offer the full range of wood to make a building:
  • beams
  • rafters
  • board
  • wainscot
  • slat boarding

Riding products are manufactured from roundwood calibrated elements used in planning obsacolelor, gates, pens, campfires equestrian clubs.

Garden furniture is made of wood calibrated round and four girls used in producing the following products:
  • garden table
  • garden sofa
  • garden chair
  • flower pots
  • wooden car
  • Wooden fountain, etc.
We also offer the customer the opportunity to expose our own project to be realized.
Fence materials can be made from both wood plank round calibrated and dressed.

Also we realize and produce to customer order.